‘Friends’ Silkscreen Print – dim. 35,5X29cm

This project started up as a personal one deriving from the need to discover my unique illustration style. The medium of the stamp was used because stamps have always amazed me! It’s one of the smallest mediums that carry a message from one country to another and from one person to another. Stamps have always dealt with several subjects like nature, technology, people achievements, religion, politics etc.

One of the subjects that people are concerned with and stamps have not dealt with is people’s feelings and thoughts so this is what this personal project is all about!

In its conclusion, this project and it’s design derivatives has been converted to commercial products, which are ideal gifts for christenings, weddings, birthdays, or show of appreciation to one’s friend or companion. These have been made available in varying cosmetic options using hand-painted colors, aluminum foil, thread and colored paper, or in it’s original format, black & white.

These can either be displayed using the colorful paper clips, black wooden hanger provided or in a frame of your choice.

Only 50 copies of each design have been printed, all numbered and signed by the artist, yours truly, Melina Constantinides!