Pilavas | Liqueur Mastiha

The Brief: We have been tasked to create a label for Pilavas Mastiha Liqueur, a product steeped in the tradition of Chios Island. An image for the future was required, which would make this an appealing product for the export market.

The Target Consumer: A non-Greek consumer wishing to acquire the unique flavour and aromas of Chios Island in Greece.

The Creative Concept: An illustration was utilized over the other options so as to express the combination of tradition, quality and the unique nature of the island.

The following text was created to combine the illustration and the product qualities:  “The famous medieval villages of the southern part of the island of Chios, with their narrow streets, arches and distinctive architecture of houses decorated with “xysta” are unique in Greece. The tear of the mastiha tree that thrives on this island exclusively is unique as well. Savour Pilavas Mastiha Liqueur and enjoy its aromatic temperament and delightful to the senses as a tour in breathtaking landscapes the characterize it can be.”