Neocell | Animal Health Care

Neocell is a new company, which recently launched its business in the field of veterinary pharmaceuticals. The aim was to strongly differentiate from competition, in order to become recognisable in a short period of time.

busy-b started with designing the company logo, based on very specific guidelines from the client.

For the design of the packaging gray was chosen as the main/background colour, to defer from the rest of the brands in this category, that use white.

On the other hand, it was decided to maintain colour categorisation by type of veterinary medicinal product (vaccines, injections, tablets, water soluble, medicated premixes, disinfectants) in order to avoid confusion when buying the product.

The animals that are addressed on each product hold a leading position in the packaging design, thus marking the company’s profile as an innovative veterinary pharmaceutical company, which acts responsibly and with respect towards the animals, ensuring their good health. The illustration of the animals was also made by busy-b.