G.E.T. | The Essential Series | Olive Oil

The Brief for the “Essential Series”: To create a label for the newly released product family from G.E.T. comprising of Olive Oil, Amfissis Olives (Natural and Roasted), and Olive Tapenades. The object of this product series was to introduce G.E.T. to the everyday dinner table and not to reside only in gourmet culinary expressions.

The Target Consumer: A person seeking everyday pleasures intermingled with an eclectic palette.

The Creative Concept: The binary nature of this product – a product that is both accessible on an everyday basis and also able to take you out of the everyday culinary routine – is depicted by the acute angle of the imagery (resembling and arrow reaching its desired target), combined with the dual colouring of the labels. To represent the everyday, the colour white was selected for the major part of the label.

The Tapenades lids depict the main ingredients used.