11th M-art BAZART

The 11th M-art Bazart combined art with charity and provided the unique opportunity for the public to support both noble causes. The artist presented and sold their work and subsequently proceeded to donate part of their collection towards the support of the charity. For the 11th M-art Bazart, support was given to the “SOS Children’s Villages”.

The Creative Concept: The illustration on the poster created for the first part of the event, shows a girl sitting down and wearing on one foot a woman’s shoe symbolizing the artists and on the other she is playing with a children’s shoe symbolizing the “SOS Children’s Villages”.

On the poster created for the second part of the event, we see the same girl standing with the two different shoes, showing the continuing financial support that the art world has given to the charity.

busy-b was a co-communication sponsor (along with National Geographic), supporting the event pro-bono.