10th M-Art BAZART

The Gallery:

M-art Manolioudakis was established in 1996 and has had a continuous presence in the art & craft scene since then. It consists of a group of artists who create works of art on demand, bespoke objects and jewelry exclusively for sale at museums shops, such as the New Acropolis Museum and the Museum of Cycladic Art, or for companies looking for a remarkable corporate gift.

The M-art Bazart:

The first M-art Bazart emerging artist exhibition took place in 2002 trying to combine art with charity. Since then, Bazart has collaborated with Greece’s most reputable charities and non-profit organizations, offering to the public the opportunity to support charity and the arts at the same time.

The M-art Bazart consists of two parts. During the first part the artists present their work while in the second they donate part of their work of art to the non-profit organizations mentioned above so as to support their cause.

In 2012 busy-b was asked to create all the communication material regarding this event. We offered our services pro bono this is why our logo stands amongst the sponsors!

The Creative Concept:

For the 10th M-art Bazart we focused on the number ’10’, creating a logo very geometrical from different angled lines. The ‘0’ can be construed as an eye, suggesting the link between art and the viewer.

The deliverables